Pick a Plan that Works for Your Business Model

Quinjo CaseMaker™ is offered in several different configurations that suit individual business models. Further information on configuration is given below.

Key Contract Terms and Privacy Policies

Length of Contract and Notice Period

Quinjo is provided on the basis of “Software as a Service” which combines a Registration Fee, a Licence fee for the use of Quinjo and a Service Fee for the provision of synchronisation, textualization and other extended services as may be offered from time to time. A copy of our standard contract terms may be viewed here.

After termination of Assistant or Professional editions, Quinjo client software remains active for a further month to allow case documents to be exported to PDF. During this termination period, users may choose to reactivate their subscriptions by payment (in the case of any billing arrears) or by written request to reset the subscription billing.

Data Protection and GDPR

At Quinjo we fully understand that Quinjo is dealing with extremely sensitive information. This includes not just case information, but also administrative information such as case title and references.

Accordingly, we strive to ensure that all information which could identify a client subscription, seats included in that subscription, installation details and billing, and of course case management and case data is stored encrypted wherever possible (see below for more).

All data is stored on servers located in the United Kingdom, and with the exception of the AI textualization process which is securely processed but not stored in the EU, no data leaves our servers or is stored elsewhere. This includes server backups and long-term archive storage.

Our privacy statement may be viewed here.


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