Welcome to the World of Quinjo CaseMaker™

ICT veteran Tim Hayes, Quinjo CaseMaker™ chief architect and developer, is proud to introduce his new, ground-breaking software product aimed at transforming the processes involved in civil litigation practice.

“A few years back I became involved in a civil lawsuit and, bit by bit, my eyes were opened to the profession’s very heavy dependence on paperwork. Despite tools such as word processing, document management systems, PDF and emails, there was very little opportunity for detailed data analysis and joined-up processing.

“I hope you enjoy the short introductory video below, and please explore our website. If you have further questions, please use our contact form and we will respond at the earliest opportunity. Thank you for visiting us.”

Starting a New Case?

When discussing the prospect of using Quinjo CaseMaker™, a legal professional admitted that they almost weep each time a new case arrives, describing how “a foot high bundle of papers slam onto my desk and I have to try and make sense of it all”.

The often daunting task ahead involves the process of careful reading of the documents and any other evidence provided, with a view to identifying and isolating those issues both “for” and “against” the client’s case, and being able to assess the merits of the case within the framework of statutory and case law.

Quinjo’s first purpose is to provide an orderly digital framework within which a case can be readily stored and researched, with relevant information notes and tagged for later reference.

Collection, Reduction and Display

“Qualitative Document Analysis” is the name given to the process of searching and evaluating a set of documents – evidence – and drawing out issues and other qualities to determine goals and to assist in the conduct of a Case.

Quinjo is a specialised database storing document images and text that is then capable of being searched, classified and finally assembled into ordered packets for use in the litigation process.

Quinjo CaseMaker™ assists by providing full text searches, text tagging and assignment of rating values to those Tags.

Drawing Conclusions

Once evidence has been thoroughly researched, expert legal perspective is able to analyse and advise on both the merits of the Case and a strategy for moving ahead. That may mean pursuing the matter though a litigation process or seeking alternative dispute resolution.

Such expert legal advice cannot but fail to be beneficially assisted by the submission of instructions that include properly ordered and readily accessible Case material.

This is something that Quinjo CaseMaker™ readily provides.

An Entire Case, Neatly Packaged

Quinjo’s specialised database holds up-to-date information on all documents and the relationships between them within the context of a Case. Quinjo can keep such links between documents, individual pages and any Tags that have been recorded.

Advanced AI-assisted textualization with accuracy in the order of 99.7% provides for instant searches of case documentation using regular Full Text Search queries.

Designed for Case Sharing

Whether between colleagues in a legal department group, or between Instructing Solicitor and Barrister, Quinjo CaseMaker™ has been crafted from first principles to provide a shared platform. Cases are securely stored on server clusters at one or more UK data centres. Individual Case Users keep secure copies in a database “briefcase” on their desktop PC’s, laptops or tablets. This allows people to work with no internet access necessary, other than to synchronise Cases with others when required.

Designed for Security

Your Client data, your Clients’ Case data, in fact everything which is stored either on your own computers or at our servers is fully encrypted and only ever transmitted to and from our servers using further high-level encryption protocols. Larger organisations may opt to manage their own servers to host the Quinjo CaseMaker™ data.


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