Quinjo CaseMaker™


For all levels of Litigation Professionals, Quinjo CaseMaker™ empowers its Users to gain improved insight into Evidential and Issue strengths and weaknesses in a Case. Quinjo increases productivity by offering simple techniques for the assembly and creation of key Case Documents. Quinjo enables the sharing of Case Data between Professionals, such as where Solicitors and Barristers work together.

Quinjo CaseMaker™ moves your work from a paper-based environment, supported by digital technology, over to a new and exciting digital workplace securely encrypted, with paper as a back-up.

Specialised Database

Quinjo stores document images and text in a way that can be searched, classified and finally assembled into ordered packets for use in the litigation process. Quinjo supports qualitative document analysis through the provision of extended full text searches, text tagging and categorisation, and the assignment of rating values to those tags. Together, these tools provide focus on key issues in the case, supporting evaluation of merits and the development of ongoing strategy.

Integrated Word Processing

For efficiency and completeness, Quinjo has a built-in Rich Text Word Processor that resembles a simplified form of Microsoft Word®. Documents so produced can be versioned and made available for peer review. Integrating with Quinjo’s database, the word processing supports hyperlinks that provide automated cross referencing to Witness Evidence. Skeletons, Submissions and Cross-Examination Scripts dynamically reference pages in a Hearing Bundle.

Simplified Document Preparation

Quinjo outputs composite witness statements with a list of exhibits – exhibit header and the exhibits themselves in pdf format ready for service and filing. Quinjo also produces Disclosure Lists, Chronologies, Scott Schedules and comprehensive Hearing Bundles each comprising preface documents, a multi-section indexed Case Document Bundle, Authorities Bundle and finally Appendices, cross referenced where appropriate to bundle pagination.

Who can Benefit from Quinjo?

Quinjo is sufficiently versatile to suit a wide range of users, from law students to veteran litigators and those acting in a judicial capacity.

Quinjo CaseMaker™ Solo is tailored for professional users with limited case volumes and sizes who work on their own, both in a public facing role as well as an advocate. This offering is for users who do not require case or e-sharing but will nevertheless benefit from the comprehensive functionality of Quinjo. Law students may find Quinjo exceptionally helpful in preparing and researching case material for moot court sessions.

Quinjo CaseMaker™ Professional reaches out to both public facing litigation professionals and members of the bar who work with a larger case range and who often share case activity. Quinjo is built on a multi-user workgroup foundation that provides sophisticated mechanisms for sharing and synchronising case data, with the possibility of e-presentation at a tribunal or other meetings. Users of Quinjo Professional may often employ personal assistants and paralegals who contribute to much of the detailed case preparation.

Larger organisations and legal firms may wish to manage their own Quinjo server facilities. Enterprise licences are available to those customers together with continuing advice and support.

Keeping a Hand on Quality

In a professional environment, the ability to manage scope of work within a tight budget and with time constraints is undoubtedly difficult.

Quinjo CaseMaker™ plays a vital role in reducing valuable time spent on fruitless manual exercises such as searching for Exhibits when authoring Witness Statements; tedious production of Disclosure Lists and Scott Schedules – not to mention pulling together Hearing Bundle indexes, let alone assembling manual or electronic documents for a Hearing Bundle.

Having registered a document in Quinjo by type, date, originator and title, Quinjo can then handle many of these different tasks involving the building of lists of documents and document bundles with complete ease. With Quinjo, one can tag and search for documents at the click of a mouse. Relevant documents and selected text that forms pivotal evidence can be readily categorised, accessed and viewed.

This is especially relevant during Court Hearings when for example an opposing party draws attention to evidence not previously considered essential. The ability to add contemporaneous tags for later recall can be especially useful.

Save Time, Save Money

It goes without saying – and, with Quinjo CaseMaker™, there are a host of useful features that present opportunities not only to improve the way in which case work is done, but also to save vital time throughout the many varied and lengthy stages involved in bringing a case to trial.

Preparing for Court with Quinjo

It has been said that good preparation is the key to successfully prosecuting your case, and conversely the outcome may be less favourable if your presentation is found to be lacking.

Quinjo is much more than a simple Case Bundle builder. When authored in Quinjo, Case Summaries, Skeletons and Submissions to the Court are dynamically cross referenced to the Bundle, any late changes being synchronized. Witness Cross-Examination Scripts may also be authored in Quinjo using the same kind of dynamic links.

So, from day one of a Hearing, Quinjo provides you with full confidence that there will be no mishaps when drawing the Court’s attention to relevant pages of evidence and law.

Working with Quinjo at a Hearing

By keeping a full copy of the Case on your laptop or tablet, at Court you are not reliant on the internet to be able to quickly look up Case information during the course of a Hearing.

Quinjo goes one step further, with a facility to display selected documents and pages on tablets for use by the bench and by Witnesses.

Quinjo ShowCase™ links the presenter’s computer to additional tablets or other computers, thus avoiding the frustrating exercise of choosing from a row or stack of heavy paper binders in order to be directed to a specific page or document.


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